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                   Who Am I?

Rebekah Molander is a Contemporary Houston Artist. Her journey to becoming a full-time artist began as a child, she fell in love with creating, with color, with being able to express herself in a way she couldn’t with words.

Rebekah’s art, while usually bright and colorful, is all about growth and connection. Her style is constantly evolving but in the end is always about her just trying to draw a line around her thoughts and emotions.

Her journey with art has been an incredible adventure that she is proud to share with her husband Todd and their son Spencer. Together, they’ve displayed Rebekah’s art in Tent Shows, Studio Shows, Galleries and everywhere in between.

In 2021 Rebekah was invited to be a part of “The Seekers” Houston Artist Collective founded by her friend and mentor Taft McWhorter. That year she had the opportunity to work with Susan G. Komen's Paint the District Pink Charity Art Action Event. Since then Rebekah has painted live and used her art to raise money for several non profits. “Art is my passion. Every time I paint I put myself on the canvas. Painting fro myself is an emotional journey, but getting to paint for others gives true meaning”

Her art and story has been featured in several local papers: The Leader , VoyageHouston, Bold Journey , Canvas RebelShoutOut Houston, The Courier, the Houston Chronicle  (articles linked) and in the “50 Artists Houston book.

In 2024 Rebekah is continuing to display her Art not only in her own studio, The 110 Art Den located in Winter Street Studios in Houston’s Sawyer Yards, but also with several studios and galleries around Houston, as well as continuing to use her art to raise money for charities.

I am a Contemporary Houston Artist. As far back as I can remember, all I ever wanted to do was create. When I was little I just wanted to make beautiful things to make people smile. As I got older and experienced more in life, I found I had a lot I actually wanted to say, but had a hard time putting it into words… but Where Words Fail, Art Speaks.

My Art is Bright, and Exciting, and sometimes Intense, and I am constantly trying new styles and techniques. Constantly trying to learn new things and continue growing.

For me, it’s about pouring your heart into something, creating something, and over hours and days, sometimes weeks, it all comes together, and then someone sees it and it stops them. For whatever reason they feel connected to it, it just fits them like a piece they were missing, and that’s it, in that moment your heart and their heart just completely connected. And that’s an amazing thing.

My art is just a collection of all of my thoughts, my dreams, my feelings, and my stories I could never figure out how to say, so I put them on a canvas and draw a line around them. 

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